Breeding program in Germany

It is not so much a question of interest that in Germany the Picard is still found today as a minority among the French herding dogs, but rather the circumstances that a breeding was not so easy to establish. Many imported Picards were afflicted with hip dysplasia (HD), which excluded them from breeding from the outset. The Berger Picard has been bred in the Federal Republic of Germany since 1986, although difficulties arose at the beginning; However, a hotly longed imported female dog  from France was so ill that she had to be euthanized.  

In the case of a subsequent female, cover was not possible due to a vulva defect, which occurs again and again with the Picards; this necessitated artificial insestation. In 1986 the first German litter in the kennel "to the old Bürg" finally fell.


The strict breeding approval conditions led to the failure of many breeding projects. Through a breeding program, together with Prof. Beuing from the University of Giessen (Germany), the fight was announced from 1990 to the weak points in picard breeding. 

The friends of this breed work tirelessly and have ensured to this day that the Picards are now present at almost all exhibitions.


The estimated stock of Picards in Germany is currently about 400 to 600 dogs. It is supervised by the Club for French Shepherd Dogs, founded in 1975 (the trend is increasing).


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