The breed standard

Profile of the breed





Also in the country of origin not very common


Breed group:

Hats and drift dogs, FCI No. 176


Today's use: 

Family and companion dog, for sporty owners activity in grassroots sport (agility and others)



No dog for beginners, as can only be learned with empathy, experience, consistency and perseverance



With good socialization compatible with other dogs and friendly to children.


Feeding and care: 

Easy. Brush twice a week.



Requires a lot - as free as possible - of the run-out and varied employment


Health and life expectancy: 

hip dysplasia (HD), retinal dysplasia (RD) and other eye diseases as well as allergies. Breaking toe claws (regular shortening of nails!). Otherwise robust breed with high life expectancy.


General performance:

Dog of medium size, appearance: rustic but elegant in its shapes, strong, well muscled and built. Facial expression intelligent, lively, awakened, characterized by griffon-like appearance.



from 60 cm to 65 cm for males 

from 55 cm to 60 cm for females 


Error: up to 2 cm above the maximum. 

Exclusion errors: below the minimum, even in the youth class. More than 2 cm above the maximum.



The head should not be massive, should be proportioned to size. Very easy stop, at the same distance from the tip of the nose as to the hind hump. Skull quite wide, without exaggeration. Hair about 4 cm long. Eyebrows well marked, but never obfuscating the eyes.


Error: Stop too pronounced or too low; Hair too short or too long. Eyebrows missing or too pronounced.

Exclusion errors: Lack of type, disproportionate, too weak or too hairy.



The forehead seen from the front should not be too flat, but slightly curved, with a slight forehead furrow.


Error: not sufficiently or too much curved, furrow too pronounced. 

Exclusional errors: skull flat or dome-shaped, fleeing or falling forehead.



The cheeks should not be too strong, but without being flat, they should show a certain roundness. Behind the cheeks, the hair has the same length as that of the body.


Mistake: Cheeks too pronounced, flaccid or lack of muscles.



The catch is strong and not too long, must not end sharply; Nose sponge always black. Lips dry and well fitting. The bridge of the nose is straight. Light moustache and cheek beard.


Error: Catch too long, too narrow or too strong, pointed or too rectangular. Nose too narrow, partly flesh-coloured, thick corners of the mouth, thick lower lips, bridge of the nose. Lack of moustache and cheek beard. (The head hair must be about 4 cm long and the moustache and cheek beard clear). 


Exclusion errors: disproportionate to the skull. Lefzen hanging. Nose of color other than black, depigmentation of the mucous membranes.



The jaw is powerful, hermetically closing, without biting or biting back.


Error: very easy bite or back bite. In the absence of two premolars neither CAC nor ResCAC, in the absence of four premolars no excellent; carious teeth depending on importance, broken or capped fangs.

Exclusive errors: absence of more than four teeth, pronounced pre- or back bite.



The ears are of medium size, wide at the base, quite high; the base is reminiscent of the sheep's ear; always worn upright by nature, the tips slightly rounded; slightly divergent lynotated ears are tolerated; Length 10 cm, never more than 12 cm with a maximum size male.


Mistake: Ears too big or reminiscent of the ears of the Belgian Shepherd, too low or too close to each other. 

Exclusion errors: Ears not worn correctly. (Note: In puppies of the first weeks of life, the ears are still hanging)



The eyes are of medium size, not protruding, of dark color, neither light eyes nor glass eyes. Coloring of the iris more or less dark depending on the coat color (definitely never lighter than nut brown).


Error: anything that does not match the above description. 

Exclusion errors: glass eyes, obliquely inserted, unequal eyes. Color too bright.



The expression of the Berger de Picardy is neither malicious nor suspicious.


Exclusional mistakes: shy expression, fleeing gaze.



The neck is strong and muscular, of good length, set up in movement and well off the shoulders, head proudly worn.


Error: neck long and narrow, short and thick, suddenly stepping out of the shoulders; flaccid skin.



The chest is worn deep and without exaggeration. The chest must not reach deeper than the elbows. The chest circumference measured directly behind the elbows must exceed the withers height by 1/5. The body length only slightly exceeds the withers height.


The back is straight, the loins solid. Ribs in the upper third well bent, then flattening to the sternum. Belly slightly raised. The croup gradually passes into the rear part of the thighs. Bone structure visible without exaggeration.


Error: depending on the strength of the deficiency. Body too heavy or too light, too long, too high-legged or too close to the ground. Ribs too flat or too round. Bouvier-like construction. Croup too straight or heavily sloping. 

Exclusion errors: the mentioned errors are too pronounced.



The rod of the Picard is hairy, hair length like the body hair. In resting position, the rod must reach the ankles and hang straight down with slight curvature at the end, in action the rod can be carried slightly higher without ever being carried over the back.


Error: rat tail or too hairy; too short, angled, poorly worn. 

Exclusionerrors: Constantly worn on the back, carried deeply due to surgery (separation of the muscle). Stub rod or missing.



The shoulders are long and oblique, giving a great lightness in movement, muscular without heaviness; the runs are well placed vertically. Dry bone structure. joints without giving the impression of a deformity. 

Front center foot slightly tilted from back to front to give the runs suppleness and facilitate a sudden stop.


Mistake: Shoulders too long (windhound-like) or too steep (bouvier-like), narrow or heavy, loose or crippling movement; Bone structure thin or too strong; Front-footed root joints weak or raised (knot-like). Front middle foot too straight or too inclined, kicked through. 

Exclusion errors: The mentioned errors are too pronounced.



The clubs are long and well muscled. Knee joint strong; the backhand of the dog should not be steep or too strong from the back to the front, neither narrow nor too wide. There must be no disharmony between clubs and croups, the whole thing must merge into a pleasant curve. Runs solid, carrying the backhand without weakness, but with elasticity. Bone structure pronounced but without exaggeration. ankles angled mediocrely, neither too grasped nor too tightly placed, not set too high; a good ankle angle is absolutely necessary with the Berger Picard. The rear middle foot is robust and dry, perenning to the ground; when the dog stands, hinds perk - seen from each side.


Error: depending on the importance of the defect. 

Exclusion errors: Overall backhand faulty.



The paws are rounded and short, well closed, curved; Nails strong and short, of dark color. Neither anus claws nor additional toes. A dog with anafter claws is not disqualified, but punished. Bales solid, with a certain elasticity, since the bale is a foot cushion that is supposed to absorb some of the impacts.


Error: Penalty depending on the defect. 

Exclusion errors: double afterclaws on all four runs.



The hair dress is hard, half-length, not curled, not flat, must be rough and crunch under the fingers. The length is 5 to 6 cm on the whole body including the rod. Undercoat fine and dense.


Error: Hair length below 4.5 cm, not rough enough, tendency to flat or curled hair. 

Exclusionerrors: Hair length less than 4 cm or over 6 cm, curled or very flat, soft or woolly.



The Berger de Picardie is available in the colours grey, grey-black, grey with black reflection, grey-blue, grey-red, light or dark falb or the mixture of these colours. No large white spot allowed, a small white spot is allowed on the chest and paw tips.


Error: Large white breast patch (apron); white on all toes. 


Exclusion errors: black, white, harlequin, checked, too much white on the chest, paws all white, white in the hair dress in the above not mentioned places.


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