Hard to take - donable in giving

As for his reference persons, he is faithful to them, idolizing them without being intrusive. He is not a blasphemer who attracts constant attention. Rather, he is always present in a pleasant way and keeps in touch without being noticed. He behaves calmly as long as there is nothing going on, but is always ready as soon as "action" is announced - be it a wild game, a walk or the ringing of the doorbell or even just a hearty cuddle. He behaves peacefully with contemporaries and other animals of the household, but knows how to defend himself when it is appropriate. Same-sex peers, especially on their own territory, are not always tolerated.


Physically, the Picard is a hard dog with a high pain threshold. As for his psyche, the image of the "hard shell with the soft core" applies. Over-hardness and coarse treatment make him stubborn and recalcitrate.   


His outer form corresponds to his untrained, heartfelt nature.  With its bohemian charm, he is a dog for the "love at second glance", not a comfortable dog, but one who demands a lot from his people, but gives everything for it. If you have the right feeling for the character of this breed, you will find in the Picard a distinctive companion of all first class, a dog of self-evident kindness and great loyalty. He has in him a real friend for life who goes through the fire for those he loves.  


He is sensitive and sensitive about his Lord's moods and whims. With its tousled, vagabond strubbling look, its always attentively erected long ears and the sparkling dark eyes with the open, always bright, faithful look, the Picard is a nonchalant appearance, a dog without conspicuous frills, but with the charisma and elegance of ancient country nobility.

The life expectancy of the Picard


The Picard belongs, much to our delight, to a healthy and robust breed. His life expectancy is on average 10.5 years. Typical diseases are not known. The hip dysplasia (HD) is well controlled by strict breeding conditions and so it is rare that a Picard has such heavy HD that it has to be operated on or even euthanized, as is heard again and again by some other breeds.

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